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A Homeowner's guide to HVAC and Electrical Contractors

Across Dufferin County, homeowners know that owning a house means something is always bound to fail or needs regular upkeep. From time to time, various heating, cooling, or electrical components breakdown and need replacement. Sometimes its clear who to call, for example a broken light switch means a call to your local electrical contractor and a furnace not heating is an issue for your HVAC contractor. However, many things may not be so cut and dry all the time.

The importance of the TSSA and ESA

To help us understand the roles of each trade, it is important to be familiar with who is keeping an eye on each trade and making sure residential work is done in a safe and up-to-code manner. For instance, HVAC or gas work is overseen by The Technical Safety and Standards Association (TSSA). All natural gas and propane contractors must be registered members to conduct work in your home. Simply ask for their TSSA # before any work is started. On the other hand, electrical contractors are governed by The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and they too require all members to be registered. In fact, many new electrical services need to be inspected by a ESA agent before the work is approved for use in your home. These organizations are a safety net for homeowners so that they can be confident that they are hiring a contractor that has been tested, licensed, and scrutinized by Ontario's organizing bodies. Simply put, HVAC and electrical contractors who do not belong to these organizations are probably not doing the work in a safe manner and are putting your family at risk. Be sure to ask for appropriate documentation when hiring.

The role of a HVAC Contractor If you are a homeowner, making sure you have a local HVAC contractor on speed dial when your cooling or heating breaks down is critical. No body wants their family to suffer in the middle of winter or during the midst of a heat wave in the summer. Building a relationship with a HVAC contractor you can trust will be critical whenever you need other services done around the house. For example, running a gas line to a new BBQ or grill, replacing a old inefficient furnace, or moving ductwork during your basement renovation. Considering that HVAC is a abbreviation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning it goes to show the various roles a trustworthy HVAC contractor can do for your home projects. For customers of Orangeville, Shelburne, or Mulmur, EMI Air Systems is there on hand to help build a relationship with you. Like any trustworthy relationship, homeowners expect their HVAC contractor to be responsive, fairly priced, and have good workmanship.

The role of a Electrical Contractor Now a days, many of our favorite home pleasures are controlled by electricity. From wireless speakers, home auto charging, or flood lights, the list of electrical friendly components is endless. Homeowners know that if you want someone to work on your electrical system that they better be licensed and insured for the electrical work. Common jobs such as running outdoor pot-lights, installing stair lighting, or other ambient features throughout your home can sometimes mean cutting into drywall and making holes to chase wires. That's why its important to find a electrical contractor that has the experience and know-how to do jobs with minimal cuts and other invasive actions. Power is dangerous and can harm you in an instances, and quality electrical contractors will know to cover live wires, exposed electrical boxes, or other visible hazards. Finding a electrical contractor can be tough, but Teso Electric is a company you can trust, simple give them a call and they can walk you though your home project. Where HVAC and Electrical Overlap Sometimes a homeowner will find that they may need both trades for a particular job at home. Here is a list of some popular residential projects that require the skills of both trades.

  • installing a new pool

  • installing a new home back-up generator

  • installing a new air conditioner in a new-built home

  • installing new ventilation for bathrooms or renovations

The listed jobs will need the services of a HVAC contractor to run a new gas line or vent and the services of a electrical contractor to run new power and communication cable. Therefore homeowners who are considering doing any of the above projects should have contractors they can trust to do the job right. Fortunately, there is no need to look further as EMI Air Systems and Teso Electric are capable of doing these jobs and more! Should you require our services in Dufferin County or Simcoe give us a call and we will provide you with professional services and a level of trust unmatched by others. For EMI Air Systems please visit -

For Teso Electric please visit - Mike, Owner of EMI Air Systems


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