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Are Furnace Filters Recyclable?

Are furnace filters recyclable? It might depend on what type of furnace filter your heating systems uses. In most homes, paper or pleated filters are considered disposable and trash once they are clogged with dirt and debris. Even though your filter may be made up of recyclable material such as cardboard or paper, the rest of it has synthetic material like polyester. Most municipal garbage collection will request that you bag your used filter and throw it away as part of your garbage.

While some heating systems could still be equipped with a metal washable framed furnace filter, this is a fleeting trend. The majority of HVAC contractors will suggest a high rated MERV filter once its time to change your furnace. Remember that, most homes get greater air filtration through a MERV rated filter. Considering that air quality is an important factor in home comfort, its critical to get a MERV filter to remove pollutants, VACs, allergens, and pet dander.

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