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Can I convert my Oil Furnace to Natural gas?

Conversions from oil heating to natural gas are becoming more common throughout

Shelburne, Mulmur, and the rest of Dufferin County. Before access to natural gas existed, many homes in the county were built with oil or electric heating systems. However, with the rise of carbon taxes, fuel levies, and a green conscience, many homeowners are seeking energy saving alternatives to heat their homes. Considering many older homes have aging heating systems, it is not unreasonable that residence are looking at the available heating options that they can convert too. Typically, an older home will be either outfitted with a oil furnace, electrical baseboards, or a wood burning stove. These systems need constant maintenance and use energy in the most inefficient manner, consequently costing the homeowner a lot of money, and are hazardous to the local environment. If you are considering upgrading your current outdated heating system, look at the following information to help you decide which modern upgrades will be best fitted for your budget and needs. Converting to Natural Gas or Propane Furnace If you have an oil furnace, then you also likely have ductwork fitted throughout your home. Hence, only the equipment may need to be updated. This option is a great choice because modern furnaces are up to 98% energy efficient and can be staged, modulated, and timed to use the least amount of energy required. The process to switch to NG or propane can be summarized as such:

  1. Contact local utility company to install NG or Propane.

  2. Remove existing oil furnace, equipment, tanks, and other hardware.

  3. Adjust custom ductwork, install new furnace, add thermostat, run new gas line.

Converting to Air Handler and Inverter Similar to the conversion to NG or Propane, this system uses the existing ducts to heat your home using a modulating heat pump and electrical coils. This system uses no fossil fuels however it is much more expensive and an expert HVAC contractor such as EMI Air Systems should be hired to install this delicate heating system. Furthermore, the services of an electrician will be required to run new high voltage power supply. Converting to Duct less Heat Pump Inverter The last option is for homeowners who lack ductwork, are on electric baseboard heaters, or use a central fireplace. With this option, ductless heat pumps are installed in strategic locations throughout the house to get the best energy use and the best output possible. This system is moderately priced however it is cheaper then retrofitting your home with new ductwork. Whichever system you intend to get, give EMI Air Systems a call and we can provide you with more information on each system. As a local HVAC contractor we convert and modernize homes throughout Dufferin County, check out our review and find out for yourself. Mike 437-343-0275

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