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Do you really save money with a heat pump?

Do you really save money with a heat pump? Most of us here in Southern Ontario would like to know. All homeowners through Orangeville, Shelburne, or Mulmur know how harsh winters can be in Dufferin County and how expensive it is to heat our homes with natural gas, propane, or oil. Many homeowners have also been told that heat pumps can't keep up with the coldest winter days. However, advances in heat pump technology can now keep us comfortable all year long.

How much you save will be determined by what kind of heating system you currently have. The greatest savings can be seen by homeowners who are switching from electric baseboards to heat pumps, or from oil heating to a heat pump. A new high efficiency heat pump takes less power and no fuel to heat your home. Moreover, as fuel prices continue to rise, homeowners on gas or propane will see benefits of investing in a heat pump too.

Switching to a heat pump is not only great for your wallet but for the environment too. Even car manufacture Tesla thinks so, and in 2021 started installing heat pumps for their car line up. Moving away from hydrocarbon fuels will guarantee that more advances are made in heat pump technology and convince more homeowners to make the move to a renewable energy solution for their homes.

If you are in Dufferin County or Simcoe County, give EMI Air Systems a call and we can help determine what heat pump options work best for you.

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