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How Much is it to run a Gas Line?

Homeowners often ask, how much is it to run a gas line? The answer to this question will depend on three main factors. The first factor is, the type of appliance being installed, then the length of the gas line, and finally the degree of difficulty. A combination of these three factors will dictate the cost to run a gas line for your home project. Check out below how these factors can determine a low-end cost vs. a high-end cost. Low-End Gas Lines

Recently, an avid home cook in Shelburne, Ontario moved into their new home and immediately reach out to EMI Air Systems to install a gas line to a new stove. The new gas stove was already delivered and simply needed the gas line ran to it. When applying the three factors to this job we get the following parameters.

  1. Type of Appliance- Gas stove - straightforward and must use an appliance connector.

  2. Length of Line - average - approximately 25 feet to feed 75,000BTUs thus smaller radius tubing can be used.

  3. Degree of difficulty - medium - the new home has an open basement and connection left by builder to gas system for an straightforward installation.

When combining these factors an HVAC contractor like EMI Air Systems can determine that this type of job would cost no more than $400. Notwithstanding a change in the factors, similar appliances such as BBQ, firepits, built-in grills, or ranges would fall in to this price point.

High-end Gas Lines

A customer in Orangeville, Ontario decided the best place to keep their new pool heater would be at the back of their acreage. When EMI Air Systems came out to provide a estimate, the following factors were observed.

  1. Type of Appliance - Pool heater - needs venting clearance and properly assembled gas train leading into the unit.

  2. Length of the Line - Long - Over 70 feet to feed 250,000BTUs and large diameter.

  3. Degree of Difficulty - Difficult - must have mix of rigid pipe and underground pipe.

These factors combined point to a more challenging and complex gas line installation. From reconfiguration the gas line coming off the meter, to installing underground tubing with a tracer wire, this is a above average gas line. Hence, care must be taken to install this gas line properly with no leaks. A job such as this would range no lower than $1500. Many appliances such as generators, fireplaces, or garage heaters can fall into this price point.

Other Variables

While many fuels contractors installing gas line in Ontario have different methods to gauge their prices, unanimously these factors are always used. However, gas technicians will use other smaller factors to determine the cost to run a gas line such as, distance to jobsite, type of fuel natural gas/propane, availability of materials, inflation costs, or the amount of competition. Other services such as gas line repairs, gas line leaks, gas work, or removal and replacements of appliance will be priced differently. From furnaces, hot water heaters, or propane conversions, these projects call for a different price method. Hence, if you are in the Dufferin County or Simcoe County area and need any gas line installed or repaired, give us at EMI Air Systems a call! Website - phone - 437-343-0275 Homestars - Click Here


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