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How to Repair Furnace Rust?

So, how do you repair furnace rust? By stopping the source of the corrosion on your furnace. To explain, we need to understand the reason the rust is forming in the first place. A furnace, like most metal objects such as cars, or tools will form rust when the oxidizing metal is met by moisture or water. It is a natural process that usually can't be undone but it can be slowed down.

Most modern furnaces are high efficiency and they condensate the flue gases and carry away the condensed water through the furnace drain fittings and into a floor drain. Hence, if a furnace is installed correctly and according to manufactures' instructions then the water will always be drained and the furnace will not rust.

However, poor workmanship or lack of maintenance means improperly sloped furnaces or inadequate drainage will allow water to collect inside the furnace cabinet where it will slowly eat away at the metal furnace frame.

Moreover, neglecting to address other sources of water in your mechanical room can lead to furnace rust. For example, a leaking water line dripping water next to your furnace, high humidity in your basement, or a disaster like a basement flood will certainly lead to rust forming on the bottom, the outside, or inside of your furnace.

Once the rust starts to chip away at the metal furnace housing, all homeowners must take action to stop it, or the furnace will lose structural stability and internal components will start to fail.

A easy solution to on-going rust problem would be to replace the affected furnaces panels. However, parts are hard to come by as many furnace models are discontinued. But, in a case such as a flood, your insurance and the furnace manufacture will insist that the furnace be completely replaced.

In a nut shell, rust can be repaired on a furnace by stopping the source of moisture that is causing the rust. Whether it be poor drainage, a water leak, or poor air humidity the only way to solve the rust problem is to fix these issues first. If a furnace gets to a point of no return, than homeowners need to consider replacing their furnace.

If you are in the Dufferin County or Simcoe County area of Ontario, and you think your furnace rust is out of control, give EMI Air Systems a call, we can help fix your problem!

EMI Air Systems 437-343-0275

Mulmur, Ontario

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