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How to replace a whole house humidifier?

When a humidifier stops working during the winter your indoor air becomes dry and uncomfortable. This stops you from enjoying the home comfort you seek. Considering that modern whole house humidifiers are high efficient, replacing it will likely be a better option then repairing it. Not to mention that finding parts and humidifier filter pads will be difficult on discontinued models.

To replace a humidifier you simply start with removing the existing one off the furnace. Do this by shutting OFF the water supply, furnace power, and disconnecting the drain. Next buy a humidifier that matches your home square footage - don't under size it! Some great brands we recommend are Honeywell, Aprilaire, and Generalaire. Next install your new humidifier back onto the furnace plenum and connect the by-pass to the return air drop. Follow this by replacing the humidistat and interlocking it with the furnace fan or heating cycle. Your install will be complete once you reconnect the drain, the water line, and set your humidity level.

As a homeowner you can replace your own whole house humidifier. But if you don't have the tools or access to some of the top brands you may need to call a HVAC contractor. Luckily, if you need a professional like EMI Air Systems, we can size your humidifier, offer you a great brand, and install it for you too!

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