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Did you get a gas Red Tag from Enbridge?

Did you you get a red tag issued by Enbridge for your gas appliance or home furnace? If yes, then you will need a gas technician to clear it. Let's first understand what a red tag is meant to do. While some may call them warning tags, the purpose of being issued one is to make a repair or fix a potential hazard in your home. Gas technicians are trained to spot dangerous situations around your home, including gas or propane piping, heating appliances, and venting hazards. If a gas technician spots an issue that violates the Technical Standards and Safety Act of Ontario than a red tag would be issued to compel you to fix it.

There are two types of 'warnings' that a red tag will fall under, the first is named a Category A Warning Tag and the second one is named a Category B Warning Tag.

Category A Red Tag

In a Category A, the homeowner would be informed that a immediate hazard exists and gas supply will be shut-off. Hence, the code violation must be repaired right away in order to have the gas supply reinstated. Some examples of this type of warning include, gas leaks, clogged furnace heat exchanges, and carbon monoxide mixing with fresh air.

When a certified gas technician finds that an appliance or work is in an unacceptable condition that constitutes an immediate hazardous situation, they must immediately shut off the supply of gas to the appliance or work. Be mindful that, it is your responsibility to ensure corrections are made by a certified gas technician.

Category B Red Tag In a Category B, the homeowner will be given 14 days to correct an unacceptable condition. However, if the issue is not an immediate hazard then the gas supply will not be turned off until after 14 days. If Enbridge does not receive notice they will turn off your home gas supply. Most red tags fall under this category and some examples includes, gas appliances not meeting clearances, venting installed incorrectly, or other various gas code violations.

Who can Clear a Red Tag

Appliances can only be re-activated by a certified gas technician after he/she is satisfied the unsafe conditions have been corrected and the appliance or work is compliant with all safety regulations. Ideally, a heating contractor or an HVAC contractor in your area will do the work. You may get multiple quotes to decide who is fairly priced. Once corrections are made, the certified gas technician must complete the “Work Completed By” portion of the tag and immediately send it to Enbridge. This portion of the tag must clearly show the name of the certified gas technician that corrected the condition, their signature, address, phone number, and certificate number. Considering that Enbridge Gas Distribution is vital to many residence of Orangeville and Shelburne an ideal local heating contractor to call would be EMI Air Systems. Reach us at: website - phone - 437-343-0275 email -

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