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Everything you need to know about the $5000 Greener Home Grant for Heat Pumps: HVAC Edition

So it's 2023 and your furnace is getting older, the air conditioner is on its last leg, and the cost of home energy keeps going up. You ask yourself - how can I fix all 3 issues in one shot? Fortunately, we at EMI Air Systems have a solution for you! Let's look below for a quick overview of a few solutions that can apply for your home. Types of Heat Pump Installations that qualify for the $5000 Grant

A $5000 grant exists through the Green Home Grant Program for Dufferin County residence who want to upgrade to the following:

  1. A hybrid system ( propane furnace with a heat pump) OUR MOST POPULAR UPGRADE

  2. A ducted system ( air handler with a heat pump)

  3. A ductless system ( with 2 to 3 indoor heat pump units)

Who Can Apply for the $5000 Grant?

  1. Homeowners who heat their house with Oil/Heating Fuel (oil furnace)

  2. Homeowners who heat their house with electric baseboard heaters

  3. Homeowners who heat their house with a propane or natural gas furnace

If you are still heating with oil or electric baseboard heaters or are looking to upgrade you propane furnace, we can help you save money on your energy costs.

Currently, we are upgrades heating and cooling systems for residence of Mansfield, Mono, Melanchthon, Mulmur, and even Dundalk! We work along side to conduct the home energy audit but you can go with an energy auditor of your choice.

Let's say a new heat pump systems costs $10,000, you will receive back $5000 so that new Energy Star rated equipment will cost you only $5000! Put simply, 2023 is the best chance you will get to upgrade you home, save on your energy bills, and help reduce your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuel. Steps to Qualify for the $5000 Grant Are you ready to get replace your heating system? Follow these steps below:

  1. Call/Email us at EMI Air Systems 437-343-0275 or to arrange for a free estimate and in home consultation. Click Here to book an Estimate

  2. Select a pre-audit inspector - We work with energy auditors from to help you get the rebates with less hassle. The energy auditor will also help you with your application to the NRCan Program.

  3. Schedule you Heat Pump installation with us at EMI Air Systems

  4. Post energy audit inspection - will return to confirm the work has been done and submit your application along with any relevant forms.

  5. Wait for your payment of $5000 in the mail!

What Other Grants Are Available for Homeowners? In addition the the $5000 grant, you will receive $600 for your pre-energy audit and a 2nd $600 for your post energy audit. Enbridge Customer, typically whom are on natural gas can apply for an addition $1500. This does not apply for most rural or farm customers.

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