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Welcome To Your New Home: HVAC Edition

Spring is around the corner so you might be getting ready to move in to your new home. Whether you are moving to a new built home in Orangeville, Shelburne, or Alliston we welcome you to the neighborhood and wish you many happy years ahead! A new home offers a clean slate and a new opportunity to get the things you want in your home. From heating to cooling and from cooking to staying warm, EMI Air Systems has many services that could suit your new home. But before you call us, be sure to settle in, unpack, and enjoy your brand new built house as you ponder all the things you want to add to enhance your experience. See the list below of all the things an HVAC contractor can offer you.

Air Conditioning By the time you relax and get used to your new surroundings Summer time will be near and you might start thinking about getting your first upgrade; a new air conditioner. Fortunately, EMI Air Systems is a licensed air conditioning contractor and we have the proper system to get you a efficient and powerful AC that will keep you cool and dry all summer long. If you invite us to your new home we will provide you with a free estimate and a complete explanation of what is the best cooling system for your home. Gas Work and Gas Appliances As a homeowner myself, I know that cooking is a top hobby enjoyed by many in their homes. Hence, once you move it please considering having a gas line ran to your kitchen or before you finish your basement. Save money by switching to a gas stove and expand your cooking horizon when you cook with gas. Also, consider running a new BBQ gas line to the backyard for all your outdoor cooking needs. Whether you are BBQing for yourself or for a party, a gas BBQ will be perfect for when you invite all your family for your "Brand New Home Party". Speaking of the backyard, you might want to have a pool installed one day which will mean that you will need a pool heater. Or, you might want to create a outdoor entertainment space that you can keep your guest warm and toasty. Do not hesitate to call EMI Air Systems and we can provide you with underground gas piping solutions for your pool heater, heat lamps, firepits, and fireplaces. Ductwork and Basement Renovations At some point you might want to finish your basement and add a few bathrooms or bedrooms. We at EMI Air Systems are familiar with these projects as we often move ductwork or the furnace to make better use of your basement space. We are able to run and install new bathroom exhausts, basement kitchen exhausts, and gas lines to fireplaces. You will quickly realize that your house builder did not care to make good use of your basement and they placed the furnace in the worst spot. However, we are able to relocate your furnace and reconnect the ductwork to give you the basement space you are seeking. In conclusion, EMI Air Systems has many services to offer you to help give you the new home experience you want. From heating to cooling and from cooking to staying warm, we are here in Dufferin County to serve all homeowners and welcome you to the community. If you would like to read more please check out our blog on "Homeowners Guide to HVAC and Electrical Contractors". Mike Marcinkiewicz EMI Air Systems 437-343-0275

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