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The 3 Steps of Ductwork Installation in 2022

It's now Spring 2022 and this is the homeowners' guide to ductwork installation. April and May are the usual months that homeowners of Dufferin County decide to finish their basements, add an addition to their house, or finally get around to building that dream home that they have been planning. In all these cases, you will need an HVAC contractor to relocate or install new ductwork. Hence, follow along below to see what steps to take to get your ductwork installed professionally and properly. Step 1 - Ductwork Design A homeowner in Shelburne is going to finish their basement but they have a duct trunk line running down the middle that's taking up a lot of space. How do you go about moving it? The first step is to call a local HVAC contractor like EMI Air Systems to come over and go over the possibility of moving the ductwork out of the way. Your HVAC contractor will take into consideration the size of the supply and return air ducts and the amount of turns and bends that are required to move these ducts into their new location. Sometimes the amount of duct work is minimal and your HVAC contractor can provide you with an estimate and do the work right away. However, other times all the ductwork in the basement may need to be redone hence, an HVAC design will be required. If this is the case, an HVAC designer must be hired to redraw the new duct layout and size so that your duct installer can apply the new design. The purpose of step is to consult your local HVAC contractor and go over your plans to confirm if they are possible and if they require a new design. Step 2 - Ductwork Preparation In Dundalk, Ontario a homeowner needs the furnace moved back 10 feet to free up space to build a new washroom. Your HVAC contractor has determined that the move is possible and doesn't require a design in this case. You agree to let the contractor move the ductwork and furnace and now they prepare to do the work. The duct installer will now take apart the existing system, including disconnecting the furnace, shutting down the air conditioning systems, and disposing of any unusable ductwork. Once that's done, your HVAC contractor will order new custom ducts, re-vent the furnace exhaust, reconnect the power and low voltage wiring, and run new ductwork as desired. The purpose of this step is to make a sure that the new ductwork functions just as before without any interruptions to airflow, furnace function, and cooling system operation. Step 3 - Ductwork Installation A resident of Mulmur is building a new custom home and they have the HVAC design and permits ready to go. They hire their local HVAC contractor who looks at the plans and executes on the design. In this final step the contractor knows exactly what to do and where the ducts will go. Moreover, everything was designed and prepared beforehand which allows for the contractor to get right into it and install the required ductwork for the custom home. Because all the steps were followed the HVAC contractor installed a properly functioning system that cools and heats as is necessary. Most important, the air quality is as it should be and the resident has full control over the air flow, humidity, and temperature. This is how HVAC ductwork should be installed in 2022. Do you need ductwork done somewhere in Dufferin County? From small washroom renos to whole customs homes, gives us a call at EMI Air Systems for a free ductwork estimate! Mike M. 437-343-0275 @emi_air_systems

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