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Top 5 Things to expect during a Furnace or AC installation

If your furnace or air conditioner broke-down and needs to be replaced than chances are you hired an HVAC contractor to replace your broken equipment. As a homeowners in Orangeville, Shelburne, or Mulmur you may be wondering, what to expect during your heating and cooling system replacement. Conveniently, EMI Air Systems has came up with a top 5 list to help you and other homeowners of Dufferin County know what to expect when the technicians arrive for the installation. Check them out below and leave a comment if you have any questions.

1. A Clean and Tidy Job 2. A Professional Team 3. Consistent Communication 4. An Explanation of the new Equipment 5. A Follow-up

A Clean and Tidy Job Your house is your home and an excellent team will be sure to use drop cloths where needed to avoid damage to your floors and walls. If things need to be moved out of the way in your mechanical room, the team will put things back where they are found after the installation is done. All debris, metal, and trash will be either taken by the team or prepared for disposal for your local garage collection. Moreover, the old equipment will be placed on the curb for metal pick-up or taking with the team for recycling else where. Rest assured the installation team will leave your home clean and tidy and as if they weren't ever there. A Professional Team Homeowners should expect a 2 to 3 person team to perform the installation. They will typically have years of experience and be prompt to inform you of any power disconnection, gas shut-off, or any other interruption they may need to do. Working with sheet metal can get loud so a professional team will inform you of how loud and how long the work will be conducted. Should you have a sleeping infant or sensitive pets, the team will be sure to steer clear of them and minimize noise. Expect an installation team that is quick, prompt, and conscious of your needs. Consistent Communication From start to finish you can expect to be in the loop about the installation and have direct contact with your HVAC contractor. The contractor will set-up a date and time to perform the installation that works for you and they will arrive on time as agreed. You will be made aware of any challenges that come up during the job that may need your attention and an explanation will be given upon a request. Be comfortable knowing the HVAC contractor you hired will keep you constantly informed and up to date. An Explanation of the New Equipment When you purchase new heating or cooling equipment you will want to know how it works and the best manner to maintain it. Once the job is complete, the HVAC contractor will debrief with you and explain how to use it, how to care for it, and how the warranty works. You will be shown how to register the new products online and how to get in touch with your HVAC contractor should you have any problems going forth. A Follow-up Once the work is completed and the equipment if left running, a HVAC contractor may follow-up with you the next day to confirm all is working well and that you are satisfied with the results. If necessary the contractor will return to make any adjustments, and change anything that might be need. Your satisfaction is key and the HVAC contractor will hope you give them a great review and recommend them based on your experience. If you need an HVAC Contractor for your heating or cooling project give us a call! 437-343-0275 Mike

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