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What Does a Natural Gas Technician Do?

What does a natural gas technician do? That's a question asked by many homeowners throughout Dufferin County and by residence of Shelburne, Ontario. Especially if you just moved in to your new build home and need the new gas range connected or a BBQ gas line ran to the back deck. To put simply, a gas technician is a licensed individual who has the skills to work on natural gas appliances, run new gas line, and make repairs to natural gas pipes and heating equipment.

All legal gas technicians in Ontario are governed by the TSSA, The Technical Standards and Safety Authority who issues gas licenses and investigates gas incidents. Further, a gas technician can be hired by a fuels contractor to work on their behalf. The TSSA also issues fuels contractor licenses for individual gas technicians who want to earn money conducting gas work in the province. Therefore, homeowners who want gas work done in their home must hire a certified fuels contractor with a gas license. A gas technician who is also a fuels contractor in Ontario can perform work on a variety of residential heating equipment. For example, BBQs, stoves, ranges, pool heaters, generators, and furnaces. In addition, a gas technician can perform work on the equivalent propane appliance and propane lines. All gas technicians must prove their work is leak free, code compliant, and up to good workmanship. They do this by following the code book, performing leak tests, and leaving behind a template filled with important information about the work that they conducted. Often times homeowners can find out who did the work by looking for a rectangular paper attached to the pipe. On the other hand it is important homeowners realized that a gas technician (unless licensed for that work) can not do some activities such as work on oil heating appliances, core electrical work, and solid fuel appliances such as wood fireplaces. Ultimately, homeowners in Shelburne, Ontario and throughout the province must hire licensed and registered gas technicians who are allowed by the TSSA to work. Whether it be a pool heater repair, a furnace replacement, or a new gas line to a BBQ all gas technicians should be hired locally and should have no issue providing a gas license number and insurance.

If you are a homeowner in Dufferin County looking for a new gas line or need a red-tag removed please give EMI Air Systems a call! They are fully licensed, insured, and local to the area. Mike Marcinkiewicz Visit: IG @emi_air_systems # 437-343-0275

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